Sun Kissed or Slapped?

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“Sun kiss the skin” it’s a romantic way to say, perhaps not very appropriate, since, in addition to the many biological benefits it provides, are now well-known the harmful characteristics of its different radiations.
UVB rays reach deep into the epidermis and stimulate the melanocytes.
UVA rays are the most harmful and those responsible for skin aging. Unfortunately it’s only 10 years that we speak about them and nowdays the UVA protection is really important, because these rays reach the dermis and attack collagen and elastin, that support the skin.
Then the infrared rays that penetrate more deeply and damage cell structures, increasing free radicals and accelerating skin aging.
The theme of the photo-protection is central to dermatology and cosmetic and in 30 years of research it is important to talk about sun exposure not only in terms of beauty, but also of health.
The skin has a “memory” and is scientifically proven that all the damage from childhood to today are not reversible, but we must try not to add others!
Follow the advice of our beautician and experts and especially change the incorrect habits are the first steps to have a healthy skin.
The cosmetic is also important, because the constant use of products for the protection and for treatment after sun helps to limit the photo-aging and sunspots.
Always choose a sunscreen that suits your skin, considering your skin type and the reactivity that characterizes it. Do not expose yourself during the hottest hours… there tans better without burning!
Then use after sun products based on hyaluronic acid to restore hydration, vitamins for their anti-oxidant action, vegetable oils that nourish and help the skin’s natural barrier, bisabolol, chamomile and other calming and soothing agents against redness.
And now … enjoy only the kisses of the Sun!

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