In the palette of Domina products, Basica represents the primary colors

A universal line, because it meets the needs common to all skin types.

Three fundamental gestures for the health and beauty of the skin: deep cleansing, non-aggressive cell renewal and reactivation of the metabolisms of the tissues.

Inspired by the water, Water is life.

Each of our cells need it. The fountain of youth exists in the daily act of taking care of our skin.

Hydration is the basis for the prevention of aging. This line is conceived as "Aqua for skin".

Inspired by lush Nature
as it emerges from winter to spring.

Rinnova products and treatments transform the complexion from dull and lifeless to vibrant and glowing. Rejuvenation it's the skin awakening.

Rinnova products and treatments are designed to exfoliate, improve cellular renewal, deeply nourish, and firm the skin.

Inspired by the Mediterranean sun and
the purity of the fresh air.

This line is designed to resurface and smooth the skin, to protect it from pollution and external agents, revealing a luminous complexion.

Aims to highlight the beauty of every woman. Decreases appearance of wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone, revealing the skins original harmony.

This line is dedicated to the skin that doesn't want to be hidden because of imperfections and impurities.

Purifying Facial Line with echinacea extract

"See my skin" is an invitation to let look at, to show a new regenerated and purified skin. Texture soft and light to give freshness to oily and impure skin.

This body line is inspired by earth and fire

Remodelling, draining, toning…sculpting

Green clay, phyto-plant complex, essential oils and volcanic MAGMA are the natural ingredients choosen to treat any kind of blemish, bringing balance, nutrition and wellness.

A journey told to the body, through the pleasure of the senses

Inspired by the passion of the primordial fire of the millenary tradition of the Romans

Products and body treatments for divine well-being.

We found the best answers in the binomial Nature & Science: we choose high-quality natural ingredients, we enhance them with the best available biotechnologies. We do not use parabens or petroleum substances. The result is an excellent product that respects the physiology of the skin.


Basica Idrata Luminosa Pura Rinnova


Sculptura Termale
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