It’s Cold…Protect Your Skin!

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When it gets cold, the needs of our body change, the metabolisms of all organs change, and the skin is subjected to the consequences.
To react to the heat jumble our body brings more blood to the internal organs by giving less to the skin. Consequently, the cells produce less collagen and the skin is thinner and dehydrated. All of this brings away vitality to the color and slows down the elimination of free radicals and dirt, which make dull and grey the skin.


The face is certainly the most exposed to the external agents, so it is necessary to provide adequate care. Feeding the skin is the first important step for its defense. For this reason, it is essential to have a daily use of nourishing face cream, preferably with Argan oil, Almond oil, Shea Butter, Rosa Mosqueta oil. Face is one of the most exposed and delicate areas of our body, so it is always useful to remember, after washing, not to rub the skin but gently tamp it with a soft cotton cloth. We suggest also to decongest it with products based on Bisabolol, Mauve, Chamomile or Marigold, in the evening before bedtime.

In winter you can take advantage of increasing the consumption of liquids through hot drinks such as tea and herbal teas. In this way it is opposed to dehydration which is often another fundamental cause of skin that is dry with cold. Also we can choose skin friendly foods, available in the cold season, such as nuts, citrus fruits and legumes. Also, avoid making too hot showers or baths (never exceed 36/37 degrees) to preserve the natural protective skin barrier; do not choose aggressive soaps, but rather delicate detergents and very nourishing body products, like that ones made with Shea Butter.

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