Hyperpigmentation – Skin Spots

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Hyperpigmentation – Skin Spots
Skin spots are a blemish that afflicts many women, both young and mature. This is a percentage that reaches 60% in Europe, and it pushes often to “whitening” do-it-yourself treatments that end up worsening the problem rather than eliminating it. The discoloration that appear in the face, neck, hands and décolleté as pigmented areas darker than the rest of the epidermis, aging it and making it appear “dirty”, are nothing more than an effect of MELANIN, which is produced to a greater extent in those skin portions directly in contact with the sun’s rays.
When there are problems like hormonal imbalances due to, for example, pregnancy, or aging, the skin’s darkening happens in a non-homogeneous manner.
There are several factors that can affect the problem and trigger it, such as incorrect sun exposure that causes time-consuming damage, but also some drugs that make you PHOTO-SENSITIVE, if they are taken in the summer or before exposure to the sun. Among these are anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, antihistamines. One of the most frequent causes is however the use of contraceptive pill, because its estrogen content favors the appearance of discolorations.
How can these anti-aesthetic blemishes can be prevented (when still in time)? Simply having the utmost to adequately protect your skin (especially face) during the sunny seasons, even if you’re out in the city. Then trying to avoid taking the medications mentioned when you are exposed to the sun or vice versa.
For the professional treatment of dark spots, it ‘s always recommended to go to an experienced beautician, who can help you choose the best treatment for your problem.
Treatments such as peeling, and products with active ingredient such as Kogic Acid and Phytic Acid, are certainly very effective, which act by inhibiting the tyrosinase, directly responsible for the melanin synthesis, by regulating its production.

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