Benefits of Volcanic Magma

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In aesthetic the Volcanic Magma is a valuable element that must be rediscovered and appreciated.
Nature gives us many treasures, and undoubtedly  Magma, especially the black volcanic sand, summarizes the beneficial properties of the Sea and of the depths of the Earth.
The volcanic sand is born from the large amount of material emitting the mountain erupted: basalt lava, ash. The rain carries to the sea the lava particles, which accumulate and form the black volcanic sand, with the characteristic reflections silver gray.
Magma Extract comes from the encounter between volcanic sand and the sea water, precious for our skin due to its richness in minerals: sulfur, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Recall that we constantly need to integrate minerals, for the good functioning of the body and  for a bright and healthy skin of course.
The innate richness of Magma, makes it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for its re-mineralizing, purifying, detoxifying properties anti-stress and it’s a protection from the harmful external agents, increasing the skin’s natural defense.
The mud-based Magma is an excellent treatment for blemishes such as cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin, promoting the elimination of toxins, the basic cause of these problems with the slowing of microcirculation.
It also stimulates the natural cell regeneration for a radiant new skin.

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