The natural treasures, plant extracts, essential oils, are easily recognized and absorbed by the body, bringing specific benefits and improving the performance of biotechnologies.

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Our excellence has a conscience. And the skin knows it.

We found the best answers in the binomial Nature & Science: we choose high-quality natural ingredients, we enhance them with the best available biotechnologies. We do not use parabens or petroleum substances. The result is an excellent product that respects the physiology of the skin.

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Domina products are designed to be effective for any type of skin.

Select your skin-type and discover Domina's solutions:

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Skin Mag
When it gets cold, the needs of our body change, the metabolisms of all organs change, and the skin is subjected to the...
Hyperpigmentation – Skin Spots Skin spots are a blemish that afflicts many women, both young and mature. This is a percentage that reaches...
“Sun kiss the skin” it’s a romantic way to say, perhaps not very appropriate, since, in addition to the many biological benefits it...
In aesthetic the Volcanic Magma is a valuable element that must be rediscovered and appreciated. Nature gives us many treasures, and undoubtedly  Magma,...
The pumpkin, as well as being the symbol of Halloween,  is also a typical product of this season, and it’s very important for...
9 Tips for Amazing Skin
Here's the Summer! Let's talk about the tomato. Protagonist of this season and of the Mediterranean diet, this vegetable is an ally of...

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